A Time at the Tart:
A Time at the Tart:




The Captain looked and admired the atmosphere. “It feels like home,” he said softly, chuckling. He turned to Thadian and ordered his drink, then looked at the man. He smirked at his remark and watched the woman passing by. “Candi. Nice.” He glanced at the man, watching him…

"Sounds good to me. I can definitely watch and admire from far. And trust me, I always do." He smiled as he turned his attention to the stage. "Honestly, I could stay here the remainder of the trip if I could." He laughed and took a drink. "But should you or your boss need anything, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do for you. Anything. You’re alright and this friendship can go far." He lifted his mug to Gin and smiled. "To future endeavors and adventures."

"Yea.. yea. Maybe if you stay here long enough we can take a ride down to the Tower so you can speak to the good Boss. Just a half hour’s ride, nothing too bad. My flat’s—.." He’d thumb a bit to the left, "Just a little pace or two from here if you ever need to reach me." Gin cleared his throat, raising his mug up to the man’s own. "To future endeavors and adventures.." The knight repeated with soft inflection.

He threw back the remainder of the drink and nodded, “I’ll be here for a while longer, so whenever you want, let’s go.” He smiled at him and turned to look at the stage. 

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Ø Inner monologue annnnnd go! =D

Out of all the women I’ve met in this city, Sana is the only one that intrigues me. I hate her fucking attitude, even when I’m trying to be nice to her. It’s as if she sees right through me. She’s smart, I’ll give her that credit. I suppose I appreciate that about her. She’s not going to let any asshole come and ruin her fucking parade, but fucking gods, appreciate the fucking kindness, woman!

If I wasn’t with anyone, she’d be in my bed. Oh, I’m sure of it. Just thinking about her body, those breasts, her eyes looking up at me…but no. Compose yourself, Cristianno. And yet…no. NO! Fuck, she’s so frustrating!

I wonder about her, though. Who is she fucking? Or is she just a tease? I can handle the tease. But, what the fuck does it matter to me, right? She can fuck whoever she wants. 

Damn, she’s a fascinating woman.

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((For TMI Tuesday)) Blow-jobs really aren't cheating, are they?

((wow, the anons really want to get my guy in trouble today XD ))

"See, my head says no, but then again, I should be thinking with the one on my shoulders. If I were to find her giving one, I’d kill the fucker. She’s mine." His hands turn into fists and he takes a deep breath, calming down. "I don’t know. She knew who she was getting involved with when she decided to be mine and she even said she’d be fine with it, but I know she wouldn’t be. " 

The Captain leans his head against the wall. “I suppose the fact that I haven’t had anything while I’m here answers that question, eh?”


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I don't know your character but let's do this. His last sexual encounter! TMI

((haha! Well, this will show why the Captain is wandering, rather frustrated, around Silvermoon. It has been MONTHS since his last encounter >.>  Thanks, anon!))

His ears perked and slowly all of him slumped on the chair. “Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but well, my wife was pregnant, I mean HUGE pregnant and well, all we could do was, you know….” He gestures to his crotch. “And then the twins were born and I was waiting to get it all going on again, but shit happened to my family and …. But work beckons and I had to make this trip here.”

He throws his head back and growls. “Shit! What I wouldn’t give for a good, long, fuck.” His hands are throw upward, turning to fists. “At least a fucking blow job, you know?” He lifts his head and raises an eyebrow. “That ain’t cheating, is it?”

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What do you hope to accomplish in 10 years? (IC)

With a hand casually rubbing his goatee, the Captain stares off at nothing in particular, thinking about the question. “Ten years. Well, for one, I hope to still be alive.” He chuckles and finds a seat, folding his hands in front of him. “I want to see my children grow safe and healthy. I hope to still have my wife. I always lose partners very quickly.” His eyes give a saddened appearance for a moment and he smiles. 

"My children will be older, so maybe we’ll be sailing and back to what we all love." He sighs, "So, I suppose I would like to be at peace in ten years, with my family and friends out on the open sea."

He lifts his head, red locks falling forward as he looks up, smirking, “And a little plundering ain’t gonna hurt either.”

TMI Tuesday


it’s here again! Anything open, For most of my characters!

Let’s give it a try :)

Presenting.. Murder Row apartments!
Presenting.. Murder Row apartments!


This is how I see Murder Row -actually- being as far as the buildings on either side of the street.

Overhead shot of the mock up


View of the lower fountain in the court of the sun. Adding apartments on either side there too!


The different floor layouts with…

YES!  I would add more apartments, but yes. I have a few toons who would live there :D




300 followers! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU for sticking around. Be it for my writing or art, I appreciate everyone who has shown their support in all of my creative endeavors throughout the year. If it wasn’t for tumblr I wouldn’t have met half the people I know now.

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With a loss of balance, The Captain made his way back to the inn. His eyes were bloodshot and reeked of bourbon, but he continued onward, stumbling and grabbing onto the walls in the Row. He was almost there, but his feet betrayed him. He fell onto the ground and laughed like a madman. He tried to get back up again and he collapsed once more.
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Sorry! =\ I missed that. Have you answered this one? :✈ Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?

Hmm, good question.  I guess it’s easier to write angst. I have my fluff pieces and they’re mediocre. I’ve tried my crack pieces but they’re just whack! However, with my angst pieces, I can show what is really tormenting Cris and how he just can’t handle it (or maybe he can!). He’s not all smiles and pillaging all the time, especially now that he has twins. 

So yeah, angst :p

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♋ What drew you to this muse?