marnina-sauce asked:
18. Biggest insecurity:

Th Captain’s biggest insecurity would thinking (and to a point believing) that he’s not capable of being a family man. He loves his wife, he loves his children, but he lives for the sea, the open air, the threat of danger. He would love to take his family with him, but then if something happens, he’ll blame himself and he would probably killed all the hired help, which would more than likely not get him anyone when he docks. 

He’s afraid to be father, even though he has his twins. He swore to the little ones that he would always be there for them, and he already took off the first month of their lives. 

He’s afraid to be a husband because he knows how he is around women and temptation is always on the rise. If he wasn’t such a possessive and jealous man, he’d be find with his wife going off with anyone else, but he is and he isn’t sharing, even though the thought of being with other women is ALWAYS crossing his mind. 

A Painful Memory

((This is part of an rp between The Captain and the Courier. After this part was done, I HAD to post. It’s a very difficult part of Cris’ life and gives some ooc insight to his need to be with someone all the time. Again, thanks to Lady handshour​ for her part in this! Enjoy.))

The Captain and the Courier, trying to mend their associate relationship, agreed on drinks and a chat. He didn’t see any harm in it, after all, regardless of what cold words the Courier had said to him, she had invited and he couldn’t say no to alcohol, but more importantly, a woman’s company.

They sat in Ghostlands, drinking, laughing, sharing stories of their own adventures, each careful not to disclose too much, but just enough to be interesting

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turning-through-the-never asked:
What is the Captain's biggest regret from the last year, and what is his biggest accomplishment from the last year?

The biggest regret he had from the last year is walking out on his pregnant wife when she admitted some pretty hefty past information. He was disgusted and unsure of how to respond and instead of sitting down with her and talking about it, he walked out on her, causing her to meltdown and almost lose the twins. When he came back home and found her gone, he thought she had left him, so he furiously left again, almost getting involved with a whore, but strongly deciding against it. When he finally found her, she was in really bad shape, her life and the children’s lives in extreme danger, but once he saw her and hugged her feverish body, she felt better and they just wanted to be together. Eventually, they talked their problems out and the twins were born.

The biggest accomplishment was the birth of his children. He wanted a family, and he got two, but now he’s realizing how hard it is for him to be a family man. Nonetheless, he holds them in his heart when he’s away. His father once told him, “A man’s greatness is measured in his contributions to the world, and raising a good family is by far the best contribution any man can make.” Cris takes those words to heart.

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  • 11. Biggest fear:
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  • 13. Bad habits:
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  • 15. Best kept secrets:
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  • 17. Worst romantic experience:
  • 18. Biggest insecurity:
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I’m game! Take a glance at my character sheets if you want someone other than the Captain :p

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I’ve worked on my cris for years. i’m curious what you would add to his life. Give it a go :) 

Jace Everett - Bad Things

Tonight’s music nightcap - This is what goes through Cris’ mind every time he leaves his room. Every time he walks through the city. Women are horrible, seductive creatures…and wants to do bad things >.>



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"What do you want from me?!" (Katerinka) - The misty air in Duskwood was perfect for the cloaked figure as a crossbow pointed at him. Taking several steps to the side, her hooves ground the dirt and pebbles below. The howling wolves didn't deter her purpose either. "What do I want? I'll start with your weapons, handsome, and any coin you may have." Her tone was smooth. "I can't risk having you chase after me once I run, and the coin will get me some grog when I escape."
iridoria asked:
Hope, Faith, Love, Acceptance

My dear baby boy Cristianno, 

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vielynne asked:

"Have some faith," the woman told Cristianno as he paced in his hut, the sun hadn’t risen yet and his wife was in labor with the possibility of death looming on the darkened horizon.

"Faith? Faith in what? In who?" He yelled, his hands straining as he stretched them out in frustration.

The woman patted his shoulder and hushed him. “Have faith in your wife. She will pull through if you believe in her. Calm down.”

Cristianno’s eyes were overwhelmed with tears. He reached a shaky hand into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette, but upon looking at it, he threw it into the wall and crouched to the ground. “I can’t lose her. I can’t…”

He looked up at the stairs that led to their bedroom. All he could do was wait.

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Winter's writer gives Captain's writer an A+. I love reading the responses you write for prompts. And rping with you is always incredible.

Thank you, dear! I really do appreciate your words and rp! <3

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That place was sacred ground. The place where he shared many cold nights with his beloved, before they were even together. Cristianno had admitted to hating the cold, and Alaia made sure that he enjoyed it. They would stay up the entire night and cuddle under a blanket as he told her stories of his adventures at sea. She would fall asleep in his arms and he would watch her sleep until he could no longer stay awake.

Then there was Winter Veil, when she decorated the entire tent with snowmen, reindeer, and snowflakes. They drank hot chocolate, smiled, laughed, exchanged silly gifts, and enjoyed each other’s warmth. 

He remembered the snow falling around them the next morning, peeking out of the tent and realizing that there was nothing wrong with the cold and snow as long as someone was there to keep him warm. 

From that day on, he learned to love snow.